Zimbabwe needs our prayers

Feb 1, 2019 | Prayer Focus for the Nations, World Watch

Once again, Zimbabwe is in urgent need of prayer. With unemployment at around 90%, human rights lawyers are saying report that things are as bad now as they were under the rule of Robert Mugabe. The brutal and systematic beatings that have been being meted out to men and boys in Harare and Bulawayo, the second city, are both horrifying and unjustifiable. This is so sad – especially in a country where something like 85% of the nation would call itself Christian, and which is blessed with such exceptional natural resources.

Pray for journalists!

You will probably be up to date with the situation there, but the following links provide fuller details to draw us into the suffering the people are going through in Zimbabwe and provide many pointers for prayer.

Reading these accounts is a poignant reminder of just how important the role of journalists is. What would we in the West know of all this were it not for people like John Sparks, the Africa correspondent for Sky news, courageously reporting on what he is witnessing? (You will remember that the BBC was barred for many years from reporting in Zimbabwe) We are rightly grieved when the press gets details wrong, let alone when editors deliberately slant the news to match their bias – but how grateful we can be for fair and honest reporting. We so need it, both to hold people to account and to round up prayer!

Troops return to Zimbabwe’s streets with avengeance

Church leaders call on government to restore the rule of law as brutal crack down continues

Emmerson Mnangagwa returns to Zimbabwe as unrest continues

See also this report by Reuters Zimbabwe army says bogus soldiers are behind the beatings.

Zimbabwe daylight beatings instil public fear in lawless country.

Who is the crocodile Emmerson Mnangagwa

The prayer for Zimbabwe we recorded and set to music a little over a year ago.

Praying for Zimbabwe

Remember the principle we have often shared, and, as a ‘way in’ to praying for ‘wider’ topics, start by focusing on one or two people or situations, and taking them as being ‘representative’ of a profession, community or even nation. For some this may be for the children caught up in the awfulness. Or perhaps you will be drawn to pray for an individual in one of the photos, or his mother, or the policeman beating him. Ask the Lord to draw your attention to the ones He wants to lay on your heart, and then allow Him to lead you on from there.

As our heart cry of many rise up before the King of Kings for this beautiful land, may He rescue it from the tyranny, economic paralysis and international isolationism that it has descended into and fulfil its God given role.

And how the Lord feels about these things

Mark 1:41 How the Gospel of Mark reveals how Jesus feels about many situations that reflect the Fall


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