Prayer in the Making by Lyndall Bywater

Feb 1, 2019 | INSIGHTS, Manna for the Soul

It is rare to come across a book that so successfully inspiries and encourages both those who are new to the faith and those who have been walking with the Lord for many years. The twelve themes that Lyndall introduces – Encounter, Worship, Listening, Stillness, Action, Intercession, Strategies, Restoration, Voice and body, Scripture, Warfare and Resilience – lead the reader almost without them noticing into the presence of God and to help them find new ways to develop their prayer life and make each theme and concept their own.

The stories Lyndall tells of significant moments in her life are both relevant and impactful, as are the delightful retelling of Scripture passages, which pinpoint how the power of prayer was at work in each one. Taken together they provide a platform and a launch pad for the reader to go as deep with the Lord as they want and are able – a process greatly helped by making good use of the threefold invitation at the end of each section: Trying it, Talking it and Sustaining it.

Above all, Lyndall reminds us that prayer is action, which in turn leads to further action. These are truths to dwell on and to make our own, first in our hearts and then in our whole walk with the Lord.

You can hardly fail to be blessed and refreshed by the reflections of this woman of God who I was privileged to get to know well during our sojourn in Canterbury.

This page on her website says a little more about why he wrote it, as well as details of where to obtain it.



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