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Mar 17, 2020 | Flashpoints, PRAY, Prayer Focus for the Nations, Soundcloud Prayers, World Watch

Praying for the Nations in response to the Corona Virus (2)

Set to the Music of an Adagio from Albinoni’s Oboe Concerto Opus 9 Number 2 – Adagio 

Anthony Thompson (Trumpet) with Shirley Richards and Rob Bilson (violins), Cathie Muncey (viola), and Corinne Frost (cello).

Lord Jesus, we bring to You now each flashpoint around the world: all those places where peace has yielded way to violence, and nations descended into the maelstrom of fear and panic. We cry to You that You would intervene in mercy to dissipate these deadly perils that are assailing the nations of the world, lest unseen scourges plunge the Earth into an ever-deepening mayhem of disintegration, stealing Kingdom gems and diadems and the glory due Your Name.

We pray for how the resource-rich nations maintain the balance of personal freedoms with the need to avoid overwhelming finite health resources – and for speed and skill in  developing a vaccine. Your power and blessing on each country as they come to mind: For Britain, Spain, France, Germany, and Italy . . .

For Your grace and power to be at work in Denmark and the whole of Scandinavia in its various stages of lockdown. We pray for Hungary, Poland, Austria and Switzerland, and bring You all the nations and peoples You place in our hearts.

We pray for countries less well equipped to survive this pandemic, where resources are fewer and aggressive sub-plots and agendas hold sway.

Let grace rain down on Africa, Asia and the Americas; may Iran find its true peace and purpose – not in the push to be the regional super-state, exporting the tools of violence, but rather its truest calling in You, Lord, the Prince of Peace, who loves the people of Iran so dearly, and longs for them to fulfil the call on their lives that You have given.

Arise O Lord and show Your protection and Your power in practical supplies and spiritual comfort, in one country after another as each one struggles to absorb the exodus of fleeing refugees.

Lift the weak and comfort and accompany those who are displaced as only You are able to do. What are our short-lived discomforts compared to their utter lack of all essential needs?

Lord, as we gather round Your throne, we cry out, ‘Guide and guard the leaders of the nations. We intercede for Presidents Putin, Erdogan, Assad, Trump and Xi, along with Macron, Boris Johnson and all their EU counterparts and successors, each one with their own plans and agenda, but each obliged to wrestle with a raft of difficult decisions, balancing one option with another, and knowing well that their decisions cannot fail to affect many lives.



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