Praying for the Nations in response to the Corona Virus (1)
Set to Linda Entwistle’s ‘Nunc Dimittis’

The crowds were cheering themselves hoarse as the Lord Jesus His triumphal entry into Jerusalem – but inwardly, He was weeping, because Jerusalem was about to reject the hour of her visitation, and He foresaw the ravages and loss of life that would soon afflict her.

They had not understood how You longed to draw them into the shelter of Your wings. They were open to ungodly forces, hostile to You. Lord, have mercy!
Mighty God, we cry to You on behalf of lands where plagues of one kind and another are flailing through; rain and firestorms, imperilling regions and lives, huge immense of locusts in Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania and elsewhere in East Africa against which there can be no defence, and now the chorus of coughs that characterise the Corona Virus, striking fear and strangling breathlessness right across the world.

Redeeming God, You somehow brought the nations through the bubonic plagues that wrought such havoc and threatened to blot out all civilisation out as they scythed their way through western Europe. You saw the arrogance of proud rulers drawing the nations into entirely avoidable conflicts, and even the horrors of the Great War, which in turn made the Spanish flu so much worse when it followed hard on its heels.

In Your mercy, You finally stilled those storms, just as You rescued us from war mongers who held so many in an evil thrall: Genghis Kahn, Napoleon, the Kaiser, and then Hitler Stalin, and so many others.

Lord, Your hand steered England, France, Spain and Germany through terrible years of civil wars in years gone by; and despite bloodstained fields of battle and families riven by the divisions, You worked powerfully, Lord – not least to rescue Germany from the Nazi tyranny so that she could take her place once more among the nations; and You it was who transformed South Africa to emerge beyond the evils of the apartheid regime, and have blessed us with many years of peace. (Ps 29:1-3,9-10)


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