You are My Hiding Place

Mar 6, 2015 | Devotions and Reflections, INSIGHTS

You are my hiding place

There are so many situations that are beyond our ability to solve, and many situations that press down on us and threaten to make us afraid. Scripture says, “Lord, you are my hiding place – whenever I am afraid I will put my trust in You.” (Ps 56:3) So whenever we are afraid, we must remember to trust Him – and specifically to hand these situations over to Him.

Here is a version you may appreciate listening to:

Let the Spirit come upon you as you do so . . . and to move us on beyond worry – which is like sitting in a rocking chair on the motorway going nowhere fast – into an active expectancy that the Lord will be at work in those situations we have given Him and use them for His glory.

You, Lord, preserve me from trouble,
You surround me with songs and shouts of deliverance.
(Ps. 32:7 Amp.)

Michael Ledner wrote this beautiful song during an incredibly low period of his life while his marriage was falling apart before the Lord raised him up again.


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