Work In Progress – A new album by Kat Mills

Feb 22, 2019 | Song Presentations

It is hard to believe that it is over three years since we publicised Kat Mill’s lovely CD Out of the Ashes. She has recently written a new album for a secular market, and is releasing this track now as a single. Kat writes,

‘This album is an honest and vulnerable journey through being misunderstood, struggling with communicating and coming to terms with being autistic and learning to embrace who I am and what I have inside.

Music and song writing are my way of voicing what is on my heart, and where I feel most effective in communication. My heart behind this album is to give a frank view of the struggles and challenges I have faced over the years, and to show others who are similarly struggling that they are not on their own. Most importantly to remind them that they are not a mistake or ‘made wrong’! It also seeks to encourage others to look deeper than what is on the surface – and to look for the diamonds in amongst the rough.

I’ve called the album ‘Work in progress’, because that is my reality. We are all works in progress, and I have gone from initially understanding and embracing being autistic, to learning how to overcome the challenges that I face rather than being constantly crippled and defeated by them. My faith is a hugely important aspect of all of this, as I daily rely on God’s goodness and strength, and have seen so many breakthroughs. Yet it is a continuing journey.

Autism is a word that helps me understand how I work, why I process things in certain ways and helps me learn how to overcome many of these challenges. But it is not who I am, or the way I define myself. As well as being a vulnerable journey, this album is a celebration of coming to a place of peace and joy in who I am, and in feeling secure of my identity and in what I have to offer.

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