Unexpected Ministry in Majorca

Sep 5, 2013 | Pray for Majorca

View from the ‘finca’ (a piece of agricultural land with a cottage on it) where the housegroup was held in South-West Majorca.

As for the saints in the land, they are the excellent wonderful ones, in whom is all my delight. (Ps. 16:3)

As Rosalind was leaving the island to return to work after our scheduled week away, (and the Lord had opened up the way for me to stay a week longer) to work, the Lord said to me, “Remember how I led you when you first went to live in France (back in 1976) and you were on your own. I want you to trust Me now as you did then.” It certainly involved some adventures! I have lost count of the places He has taken us where we have known nobody initially, but have seen Him open things up swiftly . . .

It was bliss beyond words to be able to spend a couple of nights in prayer without any other competing distractions, during which both the strength and the tenderness of the Lord were incredibly present.

The Lord then told me to visit a particular church that I had glimpsed as I sped past in a bus. By the Lord’s mercy I managed to find it again, and, not knowing when the start time was, got there with five minutes to spare. (It helped enormously that I understood the words a passer by used to direct me to it, by an ‘esquina’ (corner ) and a ‘molinos’ (rather improbably for a big city, La Iglesia Christiano is by a windmilll). I was beautifully scooped up by the ushers, who found me the perfect person to translate for me.

I can read the New Testament easily enough in Spanish, but I have never had any opportunity to speak the language before; the missions I was involved in back in the late 1970’s on the Costa Brava were uniquely to English speaking holidaymakers. Thank goodness it was all in Spanish and not in Catalan. I felt very much at home in the worship, and the lovely family I was with promptly introduced me to other lovely people. Speaking a mixture of English German and my far from fluent Spanish I was invited out for a lovely BBQ at someone’s ‘finca’ up in the west-coast hills.

One thing led to another and we took in a Catalan folk song concert in a church one that evening that one of them was singing in, followed by a stunning display of local dancing by groups of all ages ranging from the teenies to the professionals. I found it immensely moving. Best of all was praying real prayers and making real friendships with people I immediately bonded with . . . so much more worthwhile than artificial sightseeing!

I was invited to speak at a house group in the same place on the Tuesday, (a representative from Bolivia, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, Poland and Germany as well as locals being present there). They couldn’t have made me more welcoming or been more responsive, and the Lord gave me a prophetic word for many of them.

I was then invited to speak for ten minutes at the (very good) main church – but when I got there they decided to hand the whole speaking allocation over to me. This was a great opportunity and I spoke on The power and beauty of being a friend of Jesus, (with particular reference to practical steps towards praying in the power of the Spirit. I’m pleased to say it went well and people wanted to act on it straight away.

As so often, there were practical obstacles and challenges to overcome if I was going to stay on. I am insulin injection dependent, and I had only taken enough insulin with me to last for the week. Just to add to the fun, one of my teeth had fallen out on our second day and infection was setting in at the root. The decision whether to stay on was therefore a serious one; praise the Lord He came up with solutions for both – and I’m so very glad that I did stay on!

A very good friend of ours with an anointed ministry, Sheena, is on Majorca this weekend, and will be and will be speaking tonight (Thursday 5-9) in the very good church that I was at. Do remember her in prayer. (They are one hour ahead of us of course).


Robert also went to a service in the cathedral. He was happy because it was in Latin as well as Spanish!

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  1. David Barratt

    Hi Rob:
    We very often go to Mallorca, so can identify with your experiences a great deal. The body is very cosmopolitan there, is it not? We usually visit an English speaking group in Magalluf called ‘The Upper Room’. Also our dear friend Gill Gifford when she is home in Palma. She has an anointed ministry too if you have never met her, from Women’s Aglow to kenya and Uganda. We plan to be there again next March/April.

    Love, David and Janet

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