Two new tracks from Reawakenings

May 10, 2013 | INSIGHTS

‘Church at the Tipping Point’

Sally has prepared photographs to accompany two of the tracks from the third of our Reawakening’s albums. I have called the first piece Church at the Tipping Point – an extremely serious topic, albeit one which I have approached in somewhat poetic guise!

“I am recreating all things”

We are also releasing the final track of CD3 of the Reawakenings Albums.
To the accompaniment of exquisite harp music by Bill Klein, this begins with a powerful quote by Martin Luther about music and the arts, before moving on to look ahead to the glorious future in which the Lord recreates all things. It’s lovely!
I am recreating all things

The music for the first track was written by a German Protestant called Max Bruch, and draws deeply on Hebrew melodies. The theme is named after Kol Nidri, a prayer that is sung or recited on the eve of Yom Kippur.

My own poem has not followed the original train of Hebrew thought, whose focus was to release people from vows that they have foolishly made towards God in moments of heightened emotion (along the lines of ‘If You get me out of this mess, Lord, then I promise You that I will . . .’). If you are interested in following this up you can find out more by typing in “what does Kol Nidri mean?’ into your search engine.

Given that there is a considerable risk of unwanted aspects and elements creeping into new forms of church that are developing (not to mention old forms persisting that badly need to change!), this might be a suitable time to release the second part of a chapter from Ravens and the Prophet: The Challenging Counterfeit. (We released the first part of this chapter in Mashal 158)


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