To those who seek My face, I will reveal My heart

Apr 5, 2013 | Audio-Visual Presentations, INSIGHTS

To those who seek My face, I will reveal My heart

Time and again the Lord has given our musicians songs and music which have helped us to identify with people and nations in need. One such occasion when we were praying for children who have been abused the Lord gave the worship group what I can only describe as a wall of sound, into which were woven the screams and cries of the children.

It was awesomely powerful and jolted us into sharing more fully in how the Lord feels about this most grievous of abuses.

After that the Lord gave one of the group, Lindsey, a powerful song reflecting the Lord’s heart. The recording is faint but we record it here, together with a much sharper music-only version.

The whole concept of praying for the Lord ‘to give us tears’ is something the weeping intercessory church in China understands far better than most of us more buttoned up westerners.

There is a cry in the Lord Jesus’ heart every time a child is abused,
a woman is raped,
and when people die in pain.
There is an ache in His heart when false allegations wing their wicked way and cause acute soul distress.

The Lord feels the when divisions set in and families and fellowships stutter and go their separate ways;
grief fills His heart when fear grips and control stifles and dominates.

Jesus feels the pain when godly wisdom is set aside,
promising works come to nought
and honourable men and women are dishonoured.

Lord of shattered dreams,
Who sees and shares the tears,
of all who are brought low,
Be glorified by imparting Your very present help,
Raise the seemingly dead to life and
Restore the ancient ruins in new ways.

For those who would like a score of the music, please follow this link.


  1. Julie

    So beautiful guys well done with words and music synchronised on this one. May it minister to many ……

  2. Ros

    Really beautifull – The words, music and pictures soothed my soul deeply after a very busy week!

  3. Chris

    Am up on the Isle of Lewis, looking out on grey sky that is just slowly weeping drops of precious moisture on parched ground after days of sunshine.It seems as though the music reflects the yearning of my heart to pray for refreshing showers of blessing upon the ground and our unloving hearts.

  4. Sue

    Wow, what a powerfully beautiful message!


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