To those who seek My face, I will reveal My heart

Apr 5, 2013 | Audio-Visual Presentations, INSIGHTS

To those who seek My face, I will reveal My heart

It is the nature of God to be one with those on whom He has set His love. Jesus identified Himself fully with humankind by living amongst us, and still to this day He identifies with us through His ministry of intercession, His Holy Spirit interceding for and through us, often in wordless groans. (Rom. 8:26, John 17:20-24; Luke 22:31-32, Heb. 7:25). As the Christmas carol so perfectly puts it: ‘He feeleth for our sadness, and He shareth in our gladness.’

It follows, then, that the more sensitive we are to the Holy Spirit, the more the things which hurt the Lord hurt us. We should not be in the least surprised if we experience His grief and even His anger when we encounter evil in the world and false beliefs and practices in the Church (cf 1 Sam. 15:11; Exod. chapter 32; Rev. chapters 2-3).

Not only does the Lord continually experience the grief of seeing people hurting each other, but He feels acutely their refusal to turn to Him. As the parents of any wayward child know only too well, there is no greater pain than that of love which is rejected.

Something of this anguish was made clear to us one day when I saw the Lord one day on the Cross in a vision when I had a vision of being with the Lord on the cross looking out over the city of Jerusalem. It was not the physical pain that I could feel, nor the mocking crowds that I could hear,  but rather a sense of utter desolation and loneliness. The very people He had come to save had nailed Him to the Cross. It is as though Jesus is still on the Cross today because we have refused to let Him do His saving work in our lives.

Just as Jesus wept over Jerusalem’s rejection of Him, so too may we well find ourselves weeping for our uncaring world. (Luke 19:41, cf Matt. 23:37). Such intense prayer is born of the same compassion which moved the Lord Jesus – and it can stir within us at any time as the Spirit stirs within us in response to the needs and emptiness we see in peoples’ lives. We long for them to know the reality of God’s love, and we pour out our hearts to the Lord in prayer for them.

To intercede for someone else is to enter spiritually and emotionally into their condition, crying out to God as if we were in his or her shoes. Tempting though it might be to shrink from such costly identification, and to settle for a much more perfunctory type of prayer, the Jewish Rabbis understood that tears are the highest form of prayer, which can bring about breakthroughs in ways that more formal conventional prayers could never do.

When we read in Hebrews 5:7 that Jesus offered up loud cries and tears to God, it is important to realise, as Barclay reminds us, that the Greek word that is used here (krauge) speaks of a cry which a man did not choose to utter but which is wrung from him in the stress of some tremendous tension or searing pain – such as torture. As the writer recalls Jesus’ experience in Gethsemane, it reminds us there is no agony through which we may be called to pass that the Lord Jesus has not experienced.

Intercession is like travailing in labour.(cf Is. 66:9) No mother in labour can afford to put the brakes on, no matter how much it hurts! We are reminded of Hannah persevering in prayer to have a child despite the constant provocation and misunderstanding that she faced from both a rival wife and an unperceptive priest. Rather than resorting to futile day-dreaming, Hannah gave herself to fervent prayer. The result of her prayers (and why should we be embarrassed to talk about results in prayer?) was the birth of the greatly anointed prophet Samuel (1 Sam. 1:27).

Prayer beyond words

Music, too, reaches deeper places in our hearts than words alone can do. That is why it is so powerful to put words and music together! Time and again the Lord has given our musicians songs and music which have helped us to identify with people and nations in need. One such occasion when we were praying for children who have been abused the Lord gave the worship group what I can only describe as a wall of sound, into which were woven the screams and cries of the children. It was awesomely powerful and jolted us into sharing more fully in how the Lord feels about this most grievous of abuses.

After that the Lord gave one of the group, Lindsey, a powerful song reflecting the Lord’s heart. We have posted the precious words she shared at that time on the accomanying Youtube. The whole concept of praying for the Lord ‘to give us tears’ is something the weeping intercessory church in China understands far better than most of us more reserved westerners.

There is a cry in the Lord Jesus’ heart every time a child is abused,
a woman is raped,
and when people suffer and die in pain.
There is an ache in His heart when false allegations wing their wicked way and cause acute distress.

The Lord feels it deeply when divisions set in and families and fellowships stutter and go their separate ways;
grief fills His heart liewise when He sees fear and tryanny gripping stifling and controlling.

He feels the pain when godly wisdom is set aside,
promising works come to nought
and honourable men and women are dishonoured.

Lord of shattered dreams,
You see and share the tears,
of all who are brought low.
Impart Your very present help,
and bring glory to Your nameTurn seemingly impossible situations around
and raise the seemingly dead to life we pray.


If anyone would like a score of the music for To those who seek My face, please follow this link.


  1. Julie

    So beautiful guys well done with words and music synchronised on this one. May it minister to many ……

  2. Ros

    Really beautifull – The words, music and pictures soothed my soul deeply after a very busy week!

  3. Chris

    Am up on the Isle of Lewis, looking out on grey sky that is just slowly weeping drops of precious moisture on parched ground after days of sunshine.It seems as though the music reflects the yearning of my heart to pray for refreshing showers of blessing upon the ground and our unloving hearts.

  4. Sue

    Wow, what a powerfully beautiful message!


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