The Parable of the Geese

Mar 13, 2015 | Audio-Visual Presentations

This evocative and delightful parable was written by Dr Robert McNeish, and shared with his church in Canada in 1972. Sally Mowbray has illustrated it exquisitely, Carol Sampson wrote the poignant music and Ros is the reader.


  1. lj5799

    Last night I had a word in the night. It was about three ducks , two white and one black. The black one had a very red beak and to cut a long story they were(1) where they were not supposed to be (in the house) . (2) The black one was very rebellious and angry and was ‘biting the hand’ that sought to feed it. It was a symbolic word and I have been pondering it all day. Then this beautiful parable of the geese came and together, I believe it is a word about positioning, relationships looking after and encouraging each other and being able to give and take instruction and guidance in whatever field or sphere we find ourselves.

  2. Angy Scarlett

    Beautiful & challenging!

    • Maria Redman

      A timely word for our time wherever we find ourselves, at home, at work and in the church.

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