The likely French response

Nov 17, 2015 | Flashpoints

The likely French response – and the wider challenge to countries that already feel full to overflowing

For an initial look at the likely French military response, as well as how this is likely to affect the attitude of European nations towards permitting the continuing influx of refugees see this major article from Stratfor: After Paris, France contemplates a reckoning.

HornetIt is inevitable that the West will think about matters primarily from its own perspective first and the needs of people fleeing from war situations only secondarily. The Stratfor article mentions that Sweden is one of those countries now having second thoughts about an open border policy.

This article by Sue Reid provides serious and sobering insights into the many problems that have come Sweden’s way as a result of several decades of open border policy.

We can use the points Sue raises in her article as a starting point to pray for Sweden.
And let’s not forget the overwhelming situation that Greece faces . . .

Sally Mowbray writes, ‘I chose this header picture of barbed wire as an image because many countries (Hungary, Slovenia etc) are currently reinforcing their borders with wire fences at this time to keep migrant people out.’ See these links: Fortress Europe and Sweden and Solvenia tighten borders.


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