The consequences of the “emptying” of Syria

Nov 17, 2015 | Flashpoints

An estimated 700,000 of the 1.1 million Syrians Christians have been forced to leave their country. Many of those who stay are dependent on help from the west. We can help through such organisations as Open Doors.

Lebanon initially gave a warm welcome to over a million Syrians, but many are now finding themselves losing their jobs to the incomers, and are becoming increasingly insecure and even bitter as a result, not to mention being in danger as violence risks overflowing from Syria.

On the basis that it is always good to approach wider topics via a personal angle, can we mention the ministry of David and Amy Roche in Lebanon.

David and Amy Roche CMS LebanonThey wrote to me this morning saying,

“Ask God to strengthen hearts that might otherwise be deeply despairing, to answer even small cries to Him from people who may not even be sure who God is. “We are very much seeing God answer people in their need – so let’s pray for Christians to be alert to spot opportunities and be quick to stop and share God’s love in practical ways – and whatever God gives them to say.”

Pray that hatred between faiths and factions will not be fuelled and intensify, and especially in the hearts of those in power, who have the capacity to act in violent retaliation.

Pray for wisdom to prevail for the sake of Lebanon and those who are powerless – in particular the poor, those without families, refugees – and also migrant workers who often suffer more seriously than people are aware.

The potential health issues arising in coming months from the garbage are also very serious, (you will surely have heard about the crisis of rubbish not being collected over a long period) and water pollution throughout, so we pray for a way forward, for the agreement of election of a new (Maronite Christian, it must be) President to help organise the chaos… Please pray for street children and those we know who are working to help without sufficient resources. We pray for faith in the loving God who cares for the poor, who alone is able to bring peace and light.

Thank you and may God bless you both richly,
Amy & David

Jordan has allowed over 1.4 million Syrians to settle in its territory. I saw an interview with the King of Jordan the other day, who was enormously aware that many of these people are likely to remain in his country for decades rather than just years.

As this brief introduction from Operation World explains, many Christians have left Jordan, and things are becoming increasingly difficult for those who remain.

Do make time to watch this passionate prayer cast for the Kingdom of Jordan to fulfil its God-given redemptive role in the Middle East.

Pray for God’s grace for the Syrian, Jordanian and Lebanese people – as well as for the key nation of Turkey. Turkey has played host to vast number of Syrians, but shown itself much less than wholehearted in its willingness to oppose ISIL along the long shared border with Syria which ISIL controls. Will this change now that Turkey has suffered its own ISIL directed suicide attacks? There is everything to pray for here.



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