Pray for Syria


Image: Flickr Image under CC/Jordi Bernabeu Farrús The whole world has been watching in grief at the horror that has been engulfing Aleppo for so many months. It is for that very reason, therefore, that we are releasing a powerful piece of music that Geth Griffith... read more

A Panorama of Prayer for Syria and Syrian refugees (Part Two)

Geth Griffith composed the first piece of music for us to pray over. There is then a beautiful piece by the seventeenth century English composer Henry Purcell. Lord you see the multitudes of displaced people who are battering with increasing desperation against the... read more

Syria: Prayer can move the hand of God

(Posted 26/10 on the website of Open Doors) “I believe that prayer can move the hand of God,” says “Sarah”, a young woman in her 20s from Aleppo. Living in a warzone, where being a Christian means she runs the extra risk of attack by Islamic... read more