A Panorama of Prayer for Syria and Syrian refugees (Part Two)

Mar 1, 2016 | Flashpoints

Geth Griffith composed the first piece of music for us to pray over. There is then a beautiful piece by the seventeenth century English composer Henry Purcell.

Lord you see the multitudes of displaced people who are battering with increasing desperation against the increasingly unyielding borders from Macedonia northwards. We are asking you to be with each person involved and where they eventually end up and especially with all the people who are trapped in the truly desperate conditions of the jungle surrounding Calais.

We give You all who are involved in the work of immigration and asylum – and especially the people most directly affected: police, social workers, aid agencies and border controls.

Forgive us, Father, that our borders have long remained tightly shut against those who are in desperate need of sanctuary. We pray that borders across the nations will open when the need is greatest and the cause is right.

Bless all who are called to assess in the process, from politicians in their offices to the stretched and strained social workers who must help to integrate this immense flow into the nations and deal with the many matters arising from each application.

We pray for God-inspired choices of foster homes and safe host families. Let two-way blessings come as new friendships form between the welcomers and the welcomed.

Forgive us that our borders have long been alarmingly porous to ‘opportunists’ and those who strut a spirit that brings no blessing to the host nation.

Lord, You alone know what each person may live to achieve if only they be given the right soil in which to flourish. Take up the cause of each person who is seeking You that their application may be given a fair hearing.

For You are transplanting many of the sons of Ishamel into places where they may have the chance to recognise the truth that will unlock their hearts.

Send special favour on each heart that turns to you, Jesus. Speak to many where to go and what to do just as You did years ago in sending Armenians to America before the deadly massacres began.

See this link for the remarkable story of how this prophetic leading came about:
God at work in the midst of renewed ‘Armenian style’ genocide in the Middle East = [revised title] A remarkable story of the Lord’s leading.

We pray for how the nations and governments of the West respond. May the ever present background roar of public opinion not be the only voice that drives the debate about migration – especially as the parties of the far right converge, greatly increasing the chances of latter day Hitlers and Mussolinis emerging.

We acknowledge our guilt before Your throne, Father, that out of an admixture of good intentions and political and economic opportunism we have let the most horrendous genies out of the Middle East bottle. Forgive us our covetous meddling.

We pray for President Putin and the role he plays throughout the region. As we prayed for the many victims of the Russian air attacks in Syria, we pray too for the thousands of people who been made homeless in Russia itself as a result of the economic downturn, who in some cases are literally freezing to death on the streets as well as for the pain of those made homeless in Ukraine.

We pray for the countries most directly affected by these social upheavals, particularly for Germany, where initial good will is being sharply tested by marauding bands of neo fascists on the one hand and migrants militias on the other.

We pray too for Sweden, which is fast approaching capacity having reached the limit of how many it can afford to house and feed, and which has recently rescinded the right to remain for 80,000 newly arrived people seeking asylum. We pray for these tens of thousands, who may well be tempted to slip out of sight rather than return to an uncertain fate. We share their grief and Yours.

We pray Your grace and charity upon the people of Greece; a nation all but overwhelmed by its seemingly intractable battle against austerity even before the present influx began.

Bring to an end the desperately prolonged agony of enmity, the Gethsemane that is tearing apart Syria, as well as Iraq and Afghanistan.

We give you the tens of thousands who have lost their jobs as a result of Islamic State’s extreme and calculated violence in Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt, Kenya. This has deliberately devastated the tourist trades and made it far more likely that people will turn to a life of crime.

Lord God, be at work to dismantle the ancient prejudices and years of misrule that are stoking the fear and hatred that fuel the persecution of Christians across the Middle East, and which have fanned such atrocities right across the Holy Land.

Reach out to each aching heart today and show examples that inspire the redemptive guidance of Your holy leading rather than fear and anger and hatred.

Move in power across all these lands, dear Lord, right throughout the Middle East and on through Western Europe and Eastern Europe too – not forgetting those other countres we have mentioned – Russia, Ukraine: so many directly affected in these turmoils and upheaveals.

Far from media view may testimonies arise to Your saving grace, and may Jesus be glorified among the nations.

Amen and amen


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