peace be still

The Power of Saying Nothing

What can I answer to thee, I who have spoken so freely, that is, so indiscreetly, and so foolishly? I shall put mine hand upon my mouth. (Job 40:4 WYC) Think of times when you have ‘sounded off’ and been too insistent about something – only to later... read more

Draw near when the tide feels out

Everyone is aware of the restless tides that currents stir up throughout the world – as well as the very different spiritual seasons that we pass through in our souls.,so we wanted to share a meditation that encourages us to keep seeking the Lord not matter how... read more

Peace be Still – by Carol Sampson

Darkness falls across the sky as the day begins to fade. Jesus wants us to cross over to the other side, so we all get into the boat thinking “it’s gonna be alright.” We see our Master resting in the stillness of the night. But something stirs the peaceful... read more