Rosalind Hershkovitz and more about Jerusalem

Along with the owner of the house they live in, Francis and Sally took me to a remarkable multimedia presentation of Isaiah 40 that one of their friends, Rosalind Hershkovitz, had both written and performed at ChristChurch. For a taste of it go to: [youtube... read more

The Significance of the East Gate

On my final morning in Jerusalem, we walked along the city walls past the East Gate, which, as Ezekiel had prophesied would happen, (Ezek. 44:2) was blocked up in the 16th century by an Ottoman Sultan. Knowing that no Jew would ever step over a grave, a cemetery was... read more

Come to Him Singing

To celebrate going to Israel for the first time we are releasing a lovely song Linda wrote several decades ago prophesying the time when Jerusalem will be a holy place. read more