The Prophets are such a precious treasure trove!

You will often have heard me say what a miracle it is that the writings of the prophets have survived the ravages of time and come down to us intact, there to greatly enlarge our love of the Lord and our understanding of His ways. What incredible hope, insight and... read more

The scattered confetti of false promises

Who is right – Hananiah or Jeremiah? As we approach a General Election, and pledges and promises are flying around in all directions, before we turn our attention to the present day situation will you bear with me while I draw some comparisons with Judah in the... read more

Masters at Work: The Beauty of Ceramics

We wanted to bless you with two awesomely beautiful short videos of ceramic masters at work. Just look what the master Potter does in our lives, shaping and refining us! They are quite extraordinary. and You will almost certainly make the association with Jeremiah 18,... read more