It’s time to pray for an improvement in France’s relationships with other nations!

I tuned in to a programme the other day to hear that Jersey is facing the threat of its electricity supply being switched off by France, from where 90% of its energy comes. The French administration is demanding greater access for French fishing boats in Jersey... read more

Praying for France . . .

It can only be a good thing when Christians on this side of the Channel join with their brothers and sisters in the French speaking world and lift France to the Lord in prayer, as opposed to merely looking on it as a holiday destination!. Recent media perspective on... read more

The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer in Flemish and French. Flemish   Onze Vader, die in de hemel zijt geheiligd zij uw Naam uw rijk kome uw wil geschiede op aarde als in de hemel. Geef ons heden, ons dagelijks brood en vergeef ons onze schulden, gelijk ook wij vergeven aan onze... read more

A Prayer Focus on France

“We dare not take Your grace for granted” Nations are complex entities! As we turn our hearts and prayers to France, we are not thinking of our favourite holiday destination, but of a country that, despite a rich Christian heritage, is proud of being staunchly,... read more

The likely French response

The likely French response – and the wider challenge to countries that already feel full to overflowing For an initial look at the likely French military response, as well as how this is likely to affect the attitude of European nations towards permitting the... read more