Covid 19

Three Years of humbling for the UK followed by something very good

We are used to the forecasts of meteorologists who study the wind and ocean currents that criss-cross the world. The Lord sees the political, social and spiritual trends and patterns that are swirling and developing around the globe still more clearly than they do.... read more

Standing between the living and the dead

On March 23rd 1941, the King called millions to a Day of Prayer for the Nation and the Commonwealth – and we know that the Lord heard the cry that rose from the country, notwithstanding the years of suffering that were still to come. His ear is every bit as attentive... read more

The Lord Reigns

Praying for the Nations in response to the Corona Virus (3) Set to the music of Bach’s concerto for oboe and violin, BWV 1060 With Thomas Herzog (oboe), Susannah Herzog, Shirley Richards and Helen Rees (violins), Julian Chan (viola), and Jo Garcia (cello).       Lord,... read more