Romance – Chrism Cd 3

Having directed people in the last edition to CD 2 (Deep Calls to Deep) we would like to bless you this week with the first four lovely tracks of CD 3 – Romance. If you happen to be in a relationship, you will definitely be blessed to listen to this on a sofa... read more

Deep Calls to Deep – Chrism CD2

This is the second in our set of six Chrism cds. May He bless you greatly through this lovely music! There is is musical manna here to feast on and to draw the soul close to the Lord. Deep Calls to Deep Track 1 – Handel: Eternal Source of Light Divine Track 1... read more


I once looked up ‘spiritual music’ on Google and found myself presented with dozens of new age sites. We need a Christian equivalent! Having recently joined the elite ‘sixties’ club, we wanted to bless you with the music we released on our... read more

Prayer pointers concerning the floods

There have been specific prophetic warnings a year and more ago that the Lord would change our weather patterns as part of the whole way in which we have allowed a flood of unrighteousness to prevail in our society. That is of no comfort to those directly affected by... read more