Putin in 2024 and the direction that Russia takes

Mar 16, 2018 | Flashpoints, Prayer Focus for the Nations, Watchmen for Russia

Bearing in mind that Vladimir Putin has said that he intends to step down in 2024, what will he do in the course of his next term in office – and what will happen beyond that? From all we have understood of his personality he will certainly be looking to make key institutions and individuals in some way either dependent on him or subservient to him (just as President Xi Jinping is doing in China as he sets himself up to be President for life). Who and what will emerge after him? It is never too early to pray!

It is highly likely that Russia will become increasingly belligerent in areas where it feels it has dominance and can afford to intervene without serious penalty. Russia has long since calculated that the Europe has a diminishing incentive to support a nation that is leaving the EU – but they may perhaps be surprised by the unity the West displays if push comes to shove. Article 5 of the NATO remains intact, that if one NATO country is attacked, it is considered to be an attack against all.

On his present trajectory we can consider it highly likely that Vladimir Putin will demonstrate an ever increasing disregard for conventional norms and go in pursuit of what he sees fit. There may well be hints of a God-given quality of seeing a vision and going for it; unfortunately it has taken dangerous turns and is in urgent need of redeeming!

Once again we pray that You will release a godly spirit into the midst of Russia at this time when the cult of personality and an idolatry of the concept of a revived Russia is charming multitudes.

Final reflections

Having plunged in the deep end, you might find it refreshing to dip straight back into Scripture and remind yourself of the truths of Psalm 33:8-22 and Ps. 24:2-6.

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  1. julievjubilee

    I’m assuming the photo you used is an aerial one of Russia. It reminds me of a spiders web! The similarities between Putin’s actions and those of Hitler before the second world war and the resulting inaction of the world are so similar as to be startling. We need to pray that world leaders will be guided by God in their responses.



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