Banks of Green Willow

Mar 16, 2018 | Flashpoints

We are releasing this exquisitely moving piece in the aftermath of the atrocity that took place in Salisbury on March 2018 to aid our thoughts and prayers.

The Banks of the Green Willow, by George Butterworth, is one of the most loved pieces derived from folk-music by early twentieth century English composers.

The peaceful opening conjures up impressions of the rolling green swards around Salisbury; but at a certain moment the pastoral idyll is shattered by a deeply agitated ‘strident’ sound – a much more sombre mood that reflects the crisis that has occurred in this normally undramatic cathedral city before continuing on a more lyrical note.

Mike Halliday is the clarinettist and Nicola Gerrard the flautist in this recording we made at The House of The Open Door in 2014.

We have previously released the second part of this music in a Sound Cloud we wrote for those caught up in the swirl of desperate situations: Pounding thoughts and desperate needs.


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