Put Out into the Deep – Part 4

Jul 3, 2015 | Audio-Visual Presentations, Manna for the Soul

Be still my soul

Be still my soul – Jesus is not far away.
You’ve given me this call, Lord, and it really is just for me.
So since You have chosen me, I shouldn’t be so quick to say “I’ve been trying for so long, but to no avail. Even though I am so little and I have so little what You’ve given is quite enough for me to make a start.

Be still my soul and turn your gaze away from the problems that overwhelm:
look rather to celebrate the strength of the call that will see you through, despite the trip wires the enemy sends to snare your way; and all the flaws you know so much about.

When the task feels far beyond your reach, and everything seems to be on hold, be still my soul, and have the confidence to put out into the deep. Remember that Jesus is right there with you; and the one who calls will also remember.

Be still my soul – be still.


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