Praying for Zimbabwe

Nov 17, 2017 | World Watch

Praying for a nation rather than just hearing or reading facts about them takes a country much more deeply into our heart. May this prayer, that we have set to poignant music, focus our prayers on Zimbabwe, and from there extend across the whole of the African continent.

Lord, Zimbabwe is a country whose beauty radiates and reflects something so precious back to You. Thank you that it truly is ‘Africa’s Paradise’; but the gates of this paradise have long since been breached. We confess to You afresh the selfishness and greed that so greatly marred and distorted the vision of certain leading white supremacists in the British Empire during the colonial period, and all the troubles this led to. May the Cross of Christ come between the sins of the past and the present situation that the nation is facing.

Where people have grown too weary to believe that anything could ever change in Zimbabwe, remind them that You have not been sleeping. Stir up multitudes to seek You on behalf of this beautiful land, and for the people You love so dearly.

We are praying for Your ongoing work amongst the millions forced to leave Zimbabwe. Quicken them in spirit, and release many of those whom You have been meeting with abroad to emerge into the fullness of life-imparting ministries. Open doors for those whom You are calling to return home to play a vital role in rebuilding and restoring the nation.

Although hopes have risen swiftly in the past only to be equally as swiftly dashed, Jesus we are inviting You to come in mighty power to move the nation on beyond the legacy of despotic dictatorship.

All authority belongs to You, but our warfare is not against flesh and blood but against mighty beings without bodies, who are relentless in their bid to impose their control and dictatorship. Short circuit all their attempts to wrest and wield power and riches for themselves. Save Zimbabwe from the Tempter’s wiles and thwart demonic bids to impose fresh control and tyranny.

Jesus, You placed many treasures in the African continent, including Zimbabwe’s rich and fertile soil, and the precious stones and metals that lie hidden in the ground. Cleanse the land from the stain of violent bloodshed by the blood shed on Calvary. Wash Zimbabwe by your Spirit; restore the souls of men and women and children right across the nation in families and homes, in workplaces and institutions. Look kindly on this nation, Lord Jesus, and cause it to thrive again. Ease the economic plight and nurture their spirits. Come upon now this one and now that, they may turn from the harsher ways that have bedevilled the nation and embrace the One who brings peace to all. Let the Song of the Lord and songs of gladness fill the land.

Father, the Israelites were oppressed for decade after weary decade under Pharaoh’s mighty hand, but the day came when You rescued them. You have long been waiting to reclaim the Zimbabwean people, and You will not turn Your back on them now. Forgive every act of injustice and each unnecessary expulsion. Re-ignite hopes long on hold and dreams that have been deeply repressed beneath the relentless grip of pitiless misery.

Set Zimbabwe free from the mire of outward conformity and soul destroying corruption. Raise up prophetic voices for You; keep Marxist powers at bay and prepare the way for a mighty move of Your Holy Spirit. Shake the land free from the clasp of fear and despair.

Send forth the power of Your Word and let it reach right down into the depths of people’s hearts. Come now in the power of Your mighty compassion, and – very much as You have promised that You will do for Israel at the time of the time of the end – pour out on Zimbabwe a spirit of grace and supplication.

Divide between soul and spirit so that You may raise up a people for Your own delight and save the land from present overweights as well as from deadly impositions from the past.

Redeemer God, shape the events of these days to draw many to seek You more. Inspire such a holy fervour as will cause the fire of God to spread throughout the land and far beyond. Without deluding people into looking for unrealistic promises, through the excesses of either the prosperity gospel on the one hand, or by comprising, as many are, with an overly politically correct approach on the other, let the Church declare the full counsel of God and present Jesus as He really is, as King of kings and Lord of Lords.

Let this be a new day in Zimbabwe’s journey that enables You to take fresh grounds for Heaven’s Kingdom. Let there come such an opening of hearts in Zimbabwe that this becomes but a mighty prelude to a fresh outpouring of Your blessings throughout the African continent. Set many nations across the continent free from the stain of intolerant oppression and violent exploitation, Lord; lay a fresh foundation with Christ Jesus Himself the principal Chief and cornerstone.



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