My Presence will go with you

Apr 12, 2013 | Devotions and Reflections, INSIGHTS

This piece refers to the Lord’s wonderful promise in Exodus 33:14:“Set your mind at rest — My presence will go with you.” The word rest here is NUACH in Hebrew: the deep soothing peace of the Lord.

You’ve heard of ruach – now drink deeply of His nuach – a word that occurs extensively in the Old Testament, and which often brings the Lord’s prophetic flow. I devoted an edition to this wonderful word back in Malvern in Mashal 52 – click on the link below to refresh your memory!
Nuach can also mean . . .

The music that accompanies this piece is a Cantabile from a sonata that Dad wrote before I was born. I played it with Christiane von Albrecht and Christine Rick.

Once again Sally has beautifully turned it into a beautiful piece of musical artistry. To watch and listen:
My Presence will go with you


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