Music Tracks from “Offering up the Fragments”

Sep 25, 2015 | Audio-Visual Presentations, Offering up the Fragments

We thought you might appreciate hearing the music on its own from our first two sendouts in this series “Offering up the Fragments”. See the Category Offering up the Fragments’ to find the whole series.

May the deeply Celtic feel to this piece bring something from God’s own heart and lead you in spirit to wherever He would take you!
Sunrise, by Gareth Sampson copyright 2013
Played by Carol Sampson, (Keyboard), Thomas Herzog (Oboe) Fontane Ling (harp) Helen Rees (violin) Elizabeth Long (flute) Chian Lewis-Lim (viola) Jo Garcia (Cello), David Booth (guitar)

Beethoven String Quartet
Many people feel that Beethoven’s string quartets represented his crowning achievement. Enjoy this vigorous rendering of one of the final Allegros from his String Quartet No. 4 in C minor (Opus 18). It speaks of busy sparkling times, which, whilst they may not leave us much room for rest, nevertheless present us with numerous opportunities. May we be swift to seize them!
Beethoven String Quartet No. 4 in C minor (Opus 18) played by Grace Lee and Shirley Richards (violins) Chian Lewis Lim (viola) and Corinne Frost (cello)

Distant Lands
The Lord recently gave Jane Horsfall a set of songs inspired by the music and unique pilgrimage of His chosen people of Israel. She named this piece Distant Lands, thinking not only of their seventy year sojourn in Babylon, but also of the millions of Jews who went to Poland. The piece speaks of yearning for the homeland. May the Lord use its great beauty to call people back to Himself, and to inspire us to pray for the countless numbers who are separated now from their own land and people.
Jane Horsfall (harp), James Horsfall (keyboard), Susannah Herzog (violin), Thomas Herzog (oboe), Julia Herzog (recorder)

Chanson d’aube  Linda Entwistle
Linda wrote a whole series of reflective instrumental pieces for us a few years ago. This one is “The Song of the Dawn.”  It is a song that reflects the fresh feeling you get when you wake up and start a new day in the Lord, and feel ready to face it because you are living it with and for Him, rejoicing that His grace is new every morning . . .
Linda Entwistle, (keyboard), Elizabeth Long, (flute) Peter Richards (French Horn), Thomas Herzog (Oboe)  Francis Cummings, Susannah Herzog, (violins) Chian Lewis-Lim, (viola) Jo Garcia and Corinne Frost (cellos)

Allegro from Vivaldi Concerto in A minor RV365
Vivaldi’s genius is just incomparable – his variety, anointing and impact on the soul. May the Lord bless you through this decidedly vivacious Allegro!
Vivaldi – played by Francis Cummings, Grace Lee, Chian and Claire Lewis-Lim, Susannah Herzog, Jo Garcia, Rebecca Whettam and Peter Richards.


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