Mission to Lusenke 19-26 January

Jan 15, 2015 | Mission Africa

First of all may we wish you all a most Happy and Blessed New Year! We would like to let you know about our forthcoming mission in Lusenke, a little village close to the River Nile, in the sub county of Busaana, Kuyunga District, eighty miles north east of Kampala.

These pictures of the lovely ladies preparing the food and cooking (no designer kitchens!) in front of their grass-roofed homes are a good indication of the type of locality in which our team will be ministering.ma2015                    













As in most of the places that we visit, the main occupation is subsistence farming. There are many banana and coffee plantations as well as maize and pineapples. There is also stone quarrying which is mainly done by women, who work extremely long and gruelling days. Safety standards are non existent. Only a few months ago, a 27 year old lady, Hellen Masosi, died instantly after a rock fall.






Our team will be led by Pastor Richard Ssendi, who grew up in this district.









* Witchcraft. As we have reported before, there are more witchdoctors in Uganda than medical doctors.
*Extensive drug-taking among the youth.
(The unemployment rate in that age group is a soul destroying 62%)
* Stealing is rife
* Backsliding amongst those who make a commitment to Christ.
* Doctrinal differences result in much disunity among the churches

Urgent prayer needed!

  • For all the reasons listed above, please pray protection and anointing on the mission team (and their families) as well as on all those who come to know the Lord
  • For a dynamic Spirit-led increase of unity among the pastors of the area
  • For very many to be saved, healed and delivered in this challenging area
  • For God to bring about a mighty harvest and to move in such a way as to transform the region.

Let’s join together in thanking God and press in to see Him do immeasurably more than we can hope or imagine, according to His power that is within us.

Thank you so very much for all your prayers, encouragement and support. As you can see they are absolutely essential for bringing all that God has in mind to pass.

Terry Charlton and Steve Trint on behalf of the Mission Africa Evangelistic Team


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