Hallelujah is our Song

Jan 15, 2015 | Song Presentations

We have often featured the songs Carol Sampson, our anointed friend from Malvern.

This is a chance to watch the video of a powerful song that she wrote last year as she explains below. As you will see, she has has raised well over a £1000 from proceeds of its sale for Cancer Research UK. Do enjoy and consider downloading it from itunes!

Carol writes:

“Many of the songs I write, begin with a seed idea, which sits there germinating in my head, often for weeks, before it eventually becomes a full blown song!

The seed for my latest song was planted back in May this year, as I read an article in the Malvern Gazette, telling the story of Denise Inge (the wife of the Bishop of Worcester)…..who tragically lost her battle with cancer on Easter Sunday. When she heard the news that she had cancer, her response to it was…..”Whatever happens……Hallelujah is our song!”

Those words literally seemed to jump off the page, and hit me to the core……my best friend was currently battling the same disease, and I knew that this phrase was going to be the title for a song that I would write for her!

It was one of those “get up in the middle of the night and write this down” songs, and when I had completed it, I knew I  wanted to put it out as a charity single.

So I have been into the studio, with my friend Dave Draper, at Tower Studios, and we’ve compiled an EP – (including some bonus tracks from my current albums). All of the songs on the EP have a special meaning to me…. In particular, “You make me Feel” – “Everlasting arms” – “In your Eyes” and “Don’t Wait” were all written in memory of parents, and friends who are no longer with us.

We feel so helpless when cancer attacks those we love and care for…..this is a small way that I’m trying to help…..it’s taken two months to reach my goal of £1,000 for Cancer Research UK……and I aim to keep going!

Please take a look at Carol’s CD page to order physical CD EP,or visit her ‘Just Giving’ page if you would like to donate to the charity.

For her recent interview with BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester, and more details of the song see Carol’s website.



  1. Christopher Riches

    Thanks a lot for Carol for being obedient to capturing the beautiful and grace filled words and music, truly Holy Ghost given.

  2. Laurie Klein

    What a lovely, loving tribute and pledge! Thank you.

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