Mission Africa: Mission to Kijura 7th–14th May

Apr 27, 2018 | Mission Africa

Prison Ministry continues apace

We continue to praise God for all that He is doing through Mission Africa’s prison ministry teams!

After the joy of seeing one hundred and three people dedicating themselves to the Lord during February, we were able to visit no fewer than ten prisons during the early part of March and saw another eighty people accept Jesus into their hearts, including nine Muslims and three prison staff.

An evangelist in the making?

Good Friday saw seventeen more people come to salvation as a result of Daniel Kato taking a team of thirty five people drawn from both his church and the school where he is the administrator into Ngoma prison.

Daniel’s Team doing a dance for the Prisoners


The team included Joel, his 6 year old son, who stood and quoted a memory verse from John 10 v10The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full.”

Prisoners filled with the Holy Spirit!

To conclude this great Easter blessing, three more prisons were visited by Richard and his team taking in bread, milk and clothes for the prisoners. A further thirty one prisoners gave their lives to Jesus including two staff members. In Kaliro prison the prisoners were filled with the Holy Spirit during the praise and worship time to the amazement of the staff members! So in total a glorious one hundred and twenty eight saved in one month. Praise God!

Specific prayer needed for the Mission to Kijura 7th–14th May

Your prayers are particularly requested for our forthcoming mission to Kijura, a small township which is twenty miles from Fort Portal in the ancient kingdom of Toro some 300 km west of Kampala. Fort Portal is situated some 5,000 feet above sea level and overlooks the Ruwenzori mountains on the Congo border and is surrounded by many tea and coffee plantations. The mountains rise to nearly 17,000 feet and have a permanent snow line despite their closeness to the Equator!

The location of the mission is just a few miles from a village where we held a mission back in 2004 where we saw a most wonderful harvest of souls and many healed (including four cases of blindness!)

Goats keeping the grass down at the site of the proposed crusade

Our leader for this mission, Fred Makubuye has been battling in the courts over the last few years to protect his church which has been on the same site for twenty years. A relative of the lady who originally sold the land has been claiming that the lady did not have the legal right to do so. The matter has recently come to a head with multiple court hearings. This is a huge distraction for him as he attempts to organise the mission from this considerable distance away.

Other points to pray for please include the following spiritual challenges: false prophets, night dancers (dabblers in witchcraft), sacrificial rituals, adultery, fornication, murder, robbery and poverty.

As you can see, we are believing God for a great break through despite all the very many challenges.

Thank you so very, very much indeed for all your prayers, encouragement and immense support without which none of the above would be possible.

With our love,
Terry Charlton, Steve Trint and Daniel Kato
on behalf of the Mission Team




Here is a link to a printable pdf of this report


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