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Feb 6, 2015 | Mission Africa

A mighty harvest despite strong spiritual attacks in a “no go” area for the Police. Mission to Lusenke: 19-26 January

We have so much to thank God for as the result of our first mission of the year and the first for fifteen years to a small village close to the River Nile: a place with such a reputation for murder and violence that police no longer venture near it.

Despite the dangers, the team (most ably led by Pastor Richard Ssendi) received the warmest of welcomes. People who had been waiting expectantly on the approach road greeted the team with a loud shout, running alongside the car until it reached the crusade ground, then eagerly helping with the unloading.

Storm of indignation as the enemy loses ground!

As they were erecting the platform and setting up canopies to cover both it and the P.A. equipment, a ferocious wind suddenly appeared from nowhere, carrying the P.A tent away high into the air. It took an hour to recover it. The force of the wind hurled the new semi-erected metal crusade platform into the car, causing substantial damage. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

Two days later, bees attacked goats belonging to the host pastor; two of which died as a result of their stings. There is nothing unusual about the local witchdoctors cursing our missions, and these are just two examples of the type of spiritual battle that our teams regularly experience. (Richard Ssendi himself had narrowly escaped death in a road accident when he came to make the preliminary arrangements a few weeks beforehand). How we praise God that we are more than conquerors through Him who loves us – and for your covering prayers which really are essential. (By the way, the two dead goats fed for the many leaders who attended our daily evangelistic training sessions)!!

We discovered afterwards that the place where we had set up our platform was the very place where sacrifices had regularly been made. We had realised that the wind itself was of demonic origin; we believe that its departure represented a great weakening of the enemy’s power in the region.

ma500bEach day the Gospel was preached the team had the great joy of seeing the Lord powerfully at work. No fewer than 517 people opened their hearts to Jesus, including the District Chairman  who surrendered his life on the very last day!


District Chairman (left picture) and Shakira (right picture)

Freedom from oppression

Many, many were set free from evil spirits including:

– A young Muslim lady called Shakira (who also gave her life to Jesus);

– An elderly, drunk and demonised lady called Beatrice who tried to disrupt the meetings. She was set free and saved.

Healings aplenty

MAhealedSo many people were healed that they queued up to testify of what God had done for them. Here are some of the examples:

* Alex with severe chest pains and fever, who was instantly healed and who then recommitted his life to Jesus.

* Achen Teleza a lady with pain in her fallopian tubes. All pain disappeared and she can now bend and jump!

* Bernard with pains in his thigh. All his pain went too and he could easily stretch his leg.

* Justine a lady with pain in her heart which has now gone.

*Florence who was set free from a long term painful neck and stomach.

* A man who gave his life to the Lord early in the week, and whose eyesight substantially improved.

* Another lady called Florence whose scalp and sight problems were both totally healed!!

Let’s praise God:

*For all that He did through the team in this challenging environment, not least for keeping them free from illness and accident.

* For the unity which was so pronounced that people were wondering who the leader was. (This is is unusual in Africa). They all worked seamlessly as one team!

* For this great harvest of souls, the large number of people who were set free from evil spirits and for the many who were physically healed

* For the great welcome the team received from the pastors, and for how they embraced and welcomed all the teaching that we gave. They are more than eager for us to return!

Please could you join us in ongoing prayer?

  • For the substantial amount of follow up and discipling work that is needed
  • For the new sense of unity created among the pastors to increase even further
  • For the call of the Lord to be stronger than the strong addiction to gambling that is widespread amongst many of the youth.

Thank you so very much for all your prayers, encouragement and support. As you can see from this brief report they played a key part in all we saw God do!

Terry Charlton and Steve Trint on behalf of the

Mission Africa Evangelistic Team


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