Linda’s prayer inspired by Jesus’ words

Jul 12, 2019 | INSIGHTS

My Father in Heaven

Linda Entwistle was inspired by Jesus’ own words when she wrote this refreshingly different rendering of the prayer that we know as the ‘Lord’s Prayer.’. May it speak to our hearts. The music is by Sally Mowbray.

My Father in Heaven. You are my Father. Your home is my home, and my home is Your home. You are my provider. You feed me mentally, physically and spiritually; You put fruitful thoughts into my mind, provide for my daily bodily needs and keep my morale from slipping into the pits of despair.

Every time someone hurts and abuses me, lies about me, or takes advantage of me, give me the strength to deflect, forgive and press on. Because when I have wronged You or hurt other people You have always forgiven me. Help me also to forgive myself, because that is often the hardest thing of all!

The enemy is always trying to trip me up and to lead me into his snares; unwittingly I often fall into these traps. Help me to see them coming and lead me away from these pathways. Lead me by the best pathways. But when certain people are bent on making life difficult and testing, and it is all but impossible for me to avoid their undesired and unsolicited attentions – especially when life is busy or pressured – please save and deliver me.

Father, You have given us such a powerful hope. The enemy’s reach is ultimately short-lived, and all his lies and envies will die away – but Your Kingdom is glorious, true and eternal! Help me to keep these truths uppermost in mind, and to concentrate on the fact that because You are using even my own life and difficulties to advance Your Kingdom, I must remember to thank and praise You in every situation.


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  1. Sally Prittie

    Wow Linda what a beautiful paraphrase with such depth in it. Going to listen to the music now!

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