I will help you

Jul 12, 2019 | INSIGHTS

I will help you,” says the Lord of Hosts

A survey of top cyclists discovered that those who say to themselves ‘you can do it’ fare much better than those who seek to stimulate them purely by saying ‘I can do it.’

For many, perhaps, this may be a means of tapping in to the words of authority that parents, teachers and coaches have directed their ways and instilled within them; wither way it has been  to work much better than merely saying’ I can do it.’

So much of the charismatic movements seems to have focused on what ‘I’ can do. How wonderful to look away instead to the Lord and say You can move the mountains, Lord; You alone are wonderful, You can do it Lord!

In these last few weeks and months a combination of two parents passing and a particularly busy season at work for Ros has often left us feeling seriously over stretched. The words of a poem I sent out in the Shetland Saga have been coming to mind: I will help you says the Lord.

It feels very relevant to send out this revised version of the poem now, to help us all to turn to God at every moment of the day rather to lament our lack of ability to do the things we once did, which, as we are tempted to perceive it, brought us both a sense of purpose together and a special sense of the Lord’s nearness and sweetness. He is with us in every stage of life, and He wants us to co-operate with Him rather than in any way to fight against it!

“I will help you,” says the Lord of Hosts:
you who are pedalling against strong winds,
befogged in the backlog of the peleton.

What richer, deeper or more
poignant promise than these simple words of power:
“I will help you?” says the Lord of Hope.

You who struggle at wits’ end
do not allow your hearts to sour:
though these challenges are scouring your soul,
you are neither hypocrite nor complete misfit.

Recommit your way and let His Spirit lead
as you embrace these far reaching words:
“I will help you,” says the Lord
who tests our faith as precious metal
and treasures it as gold;
“Your strength will not fail nor your chain slip off.”

It is not for a short time that I bestow these blessings.
So let these life-imparting tidings
settle distraught, bedevilled thoughts.
and cause your inmost being once more to glow.
Pedal on and receive the power of this promise.
as much in sharp time trials as on the long uphill trails.

Feel the rhythm and sense the yearning
that joins you to the Father’s heart;
And then, when every trace of flurry has died away,
and worry has turned to trust and praise,
expand your soul afresh as you proclaim this ruach-breathed word of inspiration:
“I will help you,” says the Lord of Faith and Hope and Peace.



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