Let’s fill the skies over the Middle East with praise

Nov 27, 2015 | Audio-Visual Presentations, Flashpoints, Prayer Focus for the Nations

All of us are sure to be conscious that today is the first day of Ramadan.

God has certainly used the 30 Days of Prayer Initiatives to pray for the Muslim world, and there have indeed been places in the world where Muslims are turning to Christ in large numbers.

See again this wonderful story of a Hezbollah solider being converted through meeting the Lord Jesus.

Back in 2015, Joel News reported The greatest turning of Muslims to Christ.

For nearly 14 centuries, Islam and Christianity have been engaged in a spiritual contest for the souls of millions. For over 12 of those centuries, Islam has been the clear victor.

But in 1870, on the remote island of Java, the first modern-day movement of Muslims to Christ occurred, followed by a second movement in Ethiopia from 1890–1920.

In the last two decades of the 20th century, however, the tide really began to turn. Movements broke out in Algeria, Soviet Central Asia, Bangladesh, and Iran. In the first 14 years of the 21st century, 69 new Muslim movements to Christ have erupted across the Muslim world, from West Africa to Indonesia and everywhere in between.

In our day, we are seeing the greatest and most wide-reaching turning of Muslims to Christ in history. And this movement has a clear correlation with the increase in prayer for the Muslim world, especially the 30 Days Prayer initiative during Ramadan.

Some years ago it was a joy to be present at the launch of a major new initiative: a brand new translation of the Scriptures in Farsi. (Jo Garcia was amongst those leading worship).

This is a helpful overview of praying for Muslims worldwide, with an emphasis of inside Iran. Please note in particular the link to the work that is being carried to translate the Bible into other languages in Iran, in regions where there is almost no growth of believers.

Many atrocities are being committed day after day all around the world by people shouting ‘God is great’ in Arabic, and then launching deadly suicide attacks, but this is a song which celebrates that it is the name of Jesus that is the name above all names. Originally of Armenian origin, this beautiful song is sung for us here by Linda in Farsi.

Azimast Naame Tow Isaa

Azimast naam-e tow Isaa
Jesus Your name is great

Jalaal bar naam-e tow Isaa
We glorify Your name, Jesus

Ghodrat azaan-e tow Isaa
Jesus, your name is powerful

Setayim naame ghod-oosat Isaa
We worship Your Holy name, Jesus

Hallelujah (x6)

Setayim naam-e ghod-oosat Isaa
We worship Your holy name, Jesus


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