Let’s fill the skies over the Middle East with praise

Nov 27, 2015 | Audio-Visual Presentations, Flashpoints, Prayer Focus for the Nations

Many atrocities are being committed day after day all around the world by people shouting ‘God is great’ in Arabic, and then launching deadly suicide attacks, but this is a song which celebrates that it is the name of Jesus that is the name above all names. Originally of Armenian origin, this beautiful song is sung for us here by Linda in Farsi.

Azimast Naame Tow Isaa

Azimast naam-e tow Isaa
Jesus Your name is great

Jalaal bar naam-e tow Isaa
We glorify Your name, Jesus

Ghodrat azaan-e tow Isaa
Jesus, your name is powerful

Setayim naame ghod-oosat Isaa
We worship Your Holy name, Jesus

Hallelujah (x6)

Setayim naam-e ghod-oosat Isaa
We worship Your holy name, Jesus


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