Kerry’s Kolumn – St Wulfstans

Jan 5, 2013 | Kerry's Kolumn

Part of the problem of living with humans is that they are only so good at understanding canine. My brother Kelsey sometimes becomes anxious if left in the kitchen while they go out – especially if it is around the time he thinks we ought to be out and about getting fit. As a way of dropping a subtle hint, my rather direct brother pulled out a paperback atlas from the bottom shelf of the bookcase in the kitchen the other day and tore it to shreds. ‘Here’s the map. Try going here!’

Personally I prefer the more subtle approach. Our second most favourite walk is a wonderful nature reserve called St Wulfstans, a few miles away. Needless to say we prefer the name St Woof-stans! In bad weather we often stick to an asphalt circuit about a mile long. When we get back to the place where the track starts a new loop, I sometimes give Dad a big nudge with my head to say, ‘I’d really like to go round again – I haven’t had quite long enough yet.’

Why do humans need reminding about such obvious things? Let me encourage you to find your own ways of asking questions and receiving answers. But I’d be a bit wary about adopting Kelsey’s more direct approach methods!


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