Kerry’s Kolumn – Fighting Fobias

Feb 1, 2013 | Kerry's Kolumn

Like any self-respecting dog I love going for runs. My brother and I love being in the wide open spaces around Malvern. But I have to confess to a fear – a fobia I think the psychodogically aware dogs call them – and that is that I often get anxious when Dad calls me to get into the car. It’s as though I keep forgetting that getting into car doesn’t always have to lead to ‘bad’ things happening.kerry in back of car In fact, every time it’s happened since I’ve been with my new pack I’ve always gone to wonderful places to run and smell the most amazing scents. But the thought of getting into a car hooks into all sorts of memories for me of times when I was taken to places I definitely did not want to go to – like the pound!

Don’t forget we’ve lived in four or five different places in the past year – and that doesn’t do wunders to bolster a dog’s self-esteem. So I lie on the floor, look appealing and make myself heavy . . . unlike Kelsie, who’d cheerfully leap into the paws of any passing  Doberman. I think I need help!

If anything like this is ringing any bells in your life, may the Lord, who understands these things, give you and me both strength and strater gees to work our way round the things we find threatening, and not miss out on the good things He has in store for us. Oh, and don’t forget to give each other lots of hugs!

God bless,


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