Kerry’s Kolumn: Christmas as we sore it

Jan 9, 2015 | Kerry's Kolumn

Kerry’s Kolumn: Christmas as we sore it – starting with a fill-a-dell-fuss

If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s digging. Dad describes me as a JCB on paws. For some reason he gets really cross when last year because I exc-er-va-ted some nice deep holes in the garden which was great fun – you never no a rabbit may just pop up from one of them one day! A few weeks ago somebody gave Mum a fill-a-del-fuss plant for her birthday. Dad says it’s other name is a ‘mock orange’ but I couldn’t see anything in the least bit funny about it, and it didn’t look even remotely like a bit of fruit – but you should have seen Kelsey and I watching in tently as Dad dag a hole to put it in. Surely if he’s allowed to dig one we ought to be too? We’d have dag it much deeper than he did!  Is that why it’s called a fill a dell fuss?

A few days after that the great invasion happened, with most of the family descending on us from Turkey, Vietnam, Kenya, New York, Devon and Edinburgh. It felt a bit inter-nash-ernal. We put on our best welcome smiles and raised the right paw of fellowship. . . Mum and Dad were really proud of how well we coped.

Five year old Gem realised that we are highly pars-hal to fruit, so he took an apple and rubbed it on his jumper to make sure it was clean, and then rolled it along the ground towards Kelsey. Then he reached over and took it out of Kelsey’s mouth and rubbed it clean again! I thought that was pushing it a bit: I wouldn’t recommend anyone trying to take anything out of Kelsey’s mouth: he’s got a grip that makes a shark look wimpish! Anyway Gem got away with it, but suddenly remembered his restaurant manners and decided to serve the apple to Kelsey on a tennis racket. That really made people laugh! When it came to my turn he offered me an apple nicely cut into quarters!

We counted twenty two pairs of legs cluttering up the living spaces. Actually I can’t really count that hi, I’d have said millions, but Anya (Tim’s five year old daughter) worked it out for me. We were just having a rest after that invasion when another 22 people came for a “cross your paws and have a prayer” day – but that was less than no strain because much of the day they were meeting down in the shed where we aren’t allowed to go, as well as in lots of the rooms upstairs. There weren’t any of those unpredictable under six year olds either – although some people did smell of very recent dog!

In between visitors Mum’s been flat out doing her PhD, which I thought was a way of checking whether the soil is just the right consistency to dig but she tells me that a PhD it is something full of long words that don’t make any sense – which all goes to show that life is much better lived from a so-far. We do get up of course to race around the common and on the hills, and whenever the sho-far blows to call us to pray for dogs around the world. We’ve found the perfect balance between being contem-plaw-tive and racing around. We do hope you can imitate our example . . .

with our love,

Kerry and Kelsey
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