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Mar 20, 2013 | Kerry's Kolumn

Lern yourself K-9 with Kerry’s Katch Phrases

You know that coloured flickering screen-y thing on a desk that so many of our family spend so much time in front of? Well it appears that it has finally caught up with what we have always known: that we understand our owners very well, and that some of them are beginning to get the hang of understanding us too. Take a butcher’s at this is you can spare the odd moment!

Dogs share their owners emotions.

Scientists prove you really can tell what your dog is feeling by looking at its face.

You’ve probably noticed things yourself, but I’ve prepared these phrases to help you communicate better with us.

Etiquette to be used on meeting another dog, or person, in the park or on the common:

“I am a golden retriever” (well, I’m golden on the inside anyway!)

To be addressed to anyone in the early morning who is showing signs of going out:

“There really is no need to go to school/work/anywhere else.”

“Why are you bringing that monster in here?”  (To be used on spotting a Hoover coming into the room)

In the early evening on their return, to be used whilst administrating the warmest possible embrace.

“I wouldn’t want you to think that your absence has been unappreciated.”

Some phrases are best expressed by an eloquent manoeuvre rather than with words.

e.g. “My brother is a bit pushy; I can get much closer to you than that.”

A well timed butt at a vital intersection of a walk to indicate that another lap would be appreciated, or that it it is not yet time to go home yet.

Bonne Nweeee  (Good night)!



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