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Mar 15, 2013 | Kerry's Kolumn

Bearing in mind all that Dad wrote about kindness this week we’ve certainly never known anything but kindness here, which is a big relief after some of the things we have experienced in the past. All the same I’m not entirely sure what to make of all that showing kindness to everyone milarki. I heard Dad muttering something about lions lying down with lambs, but surely that doesn’t mean that we’re supposed to lie down with hedgehogs? Let alone like them!

I mean, how could anyone possibly love a hedgehog? They are such hopelessly prickly creatures. You should have seen the steel tipped dart it poked into my nostril when I tried to roll it over!

Prickly animals are the hardest to like because whatever you say or do makes them bristle and bridle as if you were deliberately insulting them. I’ve found that dogs with the biggest Atti-tude problems often seem to be the smallest in stature.

Still, most dogs – like their owners – are worth getting to know if you take your time and approach them the right way. I mustn’t let my fear fobias get in the way and curl up in a ball and hide behind a tree away I ought to be reaching out to them!

Mind you, there is one kind of touchiness, which I can recommend wholeheartedly. I do wish you could enjoy one of the cuggies I treat my owners to every morning . A cuggy is halfway between a hug and a cuddle and it can last as long as you like!

Hope you enjoyed Psalm 33 last week:

The Lord watches over those who fear Him,
those who come when He calls
and walk to heel with Him!

I do hope you are able to show kindness to everyone you meet this week!

With our love,
Kerry and Kelsie


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