Jordan Visit – Individual details

Dec 10, 2015 | Events to pray for

Imagine if you were in the huge queues of people waiting every day for food in Damascus, or for help in Jordan.

Here are pictures of some of these people, leading to a link with details about them.  Can we encourage you to choose at least one of these families to pray for and to “visit,” first by printing out this page and then by taking time to become familiar with their details? Tip: please take time to do this, otherwise everyone will end up praying just for the first people on the list …. there is a particularly lovely story of the Lord’s faithfulness on the very last visit. (Click on their names).

Global Hope team:

The team acknowledge that their work is very hard and tiring. Compassion fatigue is a very real danger. They really appreciate the support of people like us coming alongside them to encourage and energise them. It is not just Global Hope who are encouraged; we bring real hope to the families themselves.

Every family we visited gave us the best hospitality they could find, sometimes a Turkish coffee or a tea, most often a glass of water. Every family thanked us profusely for coming and above all asked us not to forget them and to tell the world about their difficult situation. In all this we are making family across the world.

Here is a link to all the families at once, or click on each picture title to see details of each separate family.



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