Please don’t miss out on this special opportunity to invest in the Kurdish People

Dec 26, 2014 | Song Presentations

Many atrocities are being committed day after day all around the world by people shouting ‘God is great’ in Arabic, and then launching deadly suicide attacks. Here by contrast is something really precious: one of my most favourite worship songs, which celebrates that it is the name of Jesus that is great. I first heard it in Germany, but it is of Armenian origin, and sung for us here by Linda in Farsi, because that is the language we sang it in at the launch of the new Iranian Bible recently.

Azimast Naame Tow Isaa

Azimast naam-e tow Isaa
Jesus Your name is great

Jalaal bar naam-e tow Isaa
We glorify Your name, Jesus

Ghodrat azaan-e tow Isaa
Jesus, your name is powerful

Setayim naame ghod-oosat Isaa
We worship Your Holy name, Jesus

Hallelujah (x6)

Setayim naam-e ghod-oosat Isaa
We worship Your holy name, Jesus

We are releasing this song in this 222nd edition of the Malvern Mashal to coincide with a major initiative by a ministry we greatly respect: 222 Ministries.
Doors have opened to reach the Kurdish people and we can play our part in helping.

Lazarus writes:

Feeding 8000 daily hot meals (plus helping over 15000 with dry rations)  is by no means a small task. Soon a two thousand seater tent (valued @ 85,000 Euros) will arrive. We are permitted to conduct daily worship/ evangelistic meetings. In Turkey!  Where? 9 miles from Kobani which is being destroyed by firepower from above and on ground! This opportunity to witness to an almost all Muslim crowd has not been heard in centuries….

The amazing encouragement reflects the openness that now exists amongst the Kurds. They are grateful and open to the Gospel. It is an opportunity that we really must not miss. So far 222 partners (‘AVC’ Swiss and ‘Christ is the answer’ from Italy) have rushed with cash. We need minimum over $5000 daily to sustain the work. We hope to give each child under twelve a small gift bag costing ten dollars. There are over 30,000 children. Hence $300,000. Plus monthly $150,000 operational cost.

In a nutshell  are any of you in a position to approach major Christian humanitarian organizations to partner or support this project with cash? They can send envoys to check work. They can send envoys to check work.  This opportunity is what we have prophesied and foreseen coming. More doors will open. May God in His mercies send the ‘Abigail’s’ ….May God who has opened the doors provide the resources to enable us to serve this starving people in bitter cold with both physical and spiritual food. May His name be lifted up…May His church be established amongst this wonderful Kurdish people.

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