Jesus det eneste

Mar 20, 2021 | Artistry and Poems, Soundcloud Prayers

We recorded the music of this beautiful Norwegian hymn a few years ago, and I have now added a fairly free translation I made from the original lyrics, plus adding one additional stanza. We hope it will really bless you!

Mike Halliday kindly arranged the music for us.

Before showing them the words, I asked Sally and Stella to listen to the music to see what images it brought to mind. They both heard in the music something of Jesus’ tender care toward us.

Stella wrote,
I immediately felt the music had a painful reminder in it of Jesus carrying His cross – and that He was bearing me on that cross. He carries me with such overwhelming love through all that life throws at me.

As in Deuteronomy 32 v 11, ‘Like an eagle that rouses her chicks and hovers over her young, so He spreads out its wings catching them safely on His pinions.

Lord Jesus I am grateful when tough seasons come
You will carry me until that season passes.
Thank You that You carry me – and You will carry me home one day.’

Sally wrote,
‘I see two related things. One is a parent with their children, looking further ahead for them. They have prepared them as best they can, but have to be willing now to let the children go and live their lives for themselves. (That makes for mixed emotions as many of us know!)

The second picture is of Jesus as the Shepherd – with a great hillside full of sheep. He is watching very closely over them all. This speaks to me that we can trust Him with all these things, and those we commit to His care. The gentleness, yet strength of Jesus shines through – it makes you want to be right there beside Him and to know that His eyes are resting on you always. He has so many sheep, and yet it is as if there is only you and Him – and all the other sheep feel the same. And He is saying to us, ‘Come, and I will lead you.’

Jesus, my all, my most precious all,
holiest and purest name, and Lord of all Creation;
Fullness of glory, fullness of love,
Fullness of grace, and truth with all power.
Life giving King, You give strength to Your people,
and joy without end (Ps. 68:35)
Awesome in majesty yet alive in my heart –
Each one who names Your name
knows that Your eyes are fixed upon them.

Afflictions assail, flailing
to goad to disown Your beautiful Name;
yet not one shall erode my heart’s place,
nor drag me out of Your safe embrace,
or cause me to fly the white flag.
Though others forget me, You never do,
You carry me onward, carry me through
close to Your heart – and naming my name.

Lord, hear me,
Lord, lead me,
Wherever, whatever You deem best,
Grant me to bend to You,
Teach me to yield.
For I am on my way home to You,
Jesus, my shield.

Jesus, my all in all,
so holy and glorious,
Free me from dangers,
Save me from snares,
and grant me more of Your pure holy heart
until at last Your glory comes and takes me home.

Here is a lovely Norwegian version of the song.

Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash


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