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Dec 5, 2019 | Mission Africa

Prisoners in death row saved – and details of forthcoming Mission to Bwaniha 2-9 December 

Prisoners sentenced to death come to faith and released!

We praise God for the eight hundred and eighteen prisoners (plus many staff) who have come to faith in the first ten months of 2019.

These included three who had been sentenced to death. Pastor John Musana, our preacher told them that God could do more than they could hope or imagine. To everyone’s astonishment, a letter came from the Prison HQ a week later pardoning all three of them and demanding that they be set free. To God be the glory!

Rejoicing with their new Bibles

Follow up visit to Kabaijja

Our dedicated team paid a return visit to Kabaijja, where they had the privilege of baptizing thirty-three of the new believers in the local river and distributing one hundred and fifty bibles.

Rejoicing with their new Bibles!

We were thrilled to hear that the local churches had already made a start in evangelizing together, and had seen a good number come to Christ since our visit in September. Such news always brings great joy! There are a large number of stories of changed lives and healing given – and these are only a few of them!

So happy with that Bible

  • Four former drunkards testifying that they had been set free from alcohol. One of these, Frank Muchunguzi, has already led another drinker to the Lord.
  • John Bashariza had been intending to poison himself but has now come to faith.
  • Maria Topista Nantale had been seriously sick with a swollen body and unable to stand, walk or go to the toilet by herself. Now she is completely healed!

Let’s praise God for all that He did in this village and pray for all the work that is continuing there.

Our Mission next month is to Bwaniha  (2-9 December)










Village Homes in the Vicinity

We would be most grateful for your prayers for our next mission. This will be led by Pastor Richard Sssendi and will be to the tiny village of Bwaniha in the District of Busia, a short way from Lake Victoria, and Uganda’s eastern border with Kenya. It is a remote area with both subsistence farming and some fishing. There is great poverty and unemployment in this region that is often overlooked by government authorities. Children have to walk very long distances to school, which leads many to abandon their education at an early age. As well as a great deal of witchcraft the local people also experience a lot of false teachers and prophets coming across the border from Kenya.

As you can imagine, this mission, the very first in the area, is most eagerly awaited by the pastors there.

Thank you so very, very much indeed for all your prayers, encouragement and the hugely appreciated support. These are – that is you are – the means by which God makes it possible for us to continue this precious work.

With our love, Terry Charlton, Steve Trint and Daniel Kato on behalf of the Evangelistic Team



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