A story of protection in answer to prayer

Jul 1, 2022 | Flashpoints, PRAY, Prayer Focus for the Nations, Ukraine

A friend sent me this extract from an otherwise heart-breaking story from Lysychansk, powerfully highlighting the benefit of pausing to pray before undertaking dangerous journeys.

Mr Yaremchuk is a Ukrainian-born cinematographer turned rescue worker. When Russia invaded, he and some friends co-founded an aid organisation called Base UA.

For the past two months, they have been risking their own lives to evacuate civilians from frontline areas. They have a ritual on the way to Lysychansk. Before the riskiest stretch of the journey, they don their flak jackets and briefly stand in a circle to pray.

“Some of us are believers,” says Yaremchuk, “and others not, but we do this together before we go in.” We joined them on the journey into Lysychansk and were soon grateful for that prayer. As we drove into the city, a Russian shell exploded about 250m ahead of us.

We felt the blast wave inside our armoured car. Without their pause for prayer, we would have been further along the road driving into the path of the explosion.

Photo by Chichi Onyekanne on Unsplash


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