A refreshingly different perspective on Brexit

Nov 30, 2018 | Events to pray for, INSIGHTS, Prayer Focus for the Nations

With both sides in the Brexit situation seemingly on the edge of despair at the terrible things which will happen if it goes the other way, here is a refreshingly encouraging contribution that was sent to me. I am not familiar with Jennifer Abigail Lawson-Wallace and the Quiver Prayer Movement, but this prophetic word provides a positive reminder of Who is on the throne, without pushing any particular viewpoint. It feels like a timely reminder. As a friend said who I sent it to, “My only reference point on that is the reminder that even though God had promised the return from Babylon it was still necessary for the intercessor to take hold of the promises and to pray them through until all was  fulfilled. Whatever promises we may feel are given regarding the state of our country, there is still a clarion call for intercession at such a time to see His purposes fulfilled in the Earth.”


In a prayer meeting at Emmanuel Centre on Tuesday 20th November, the Holy Spirit reminded me that “Today is exactly two years since you completed your intercessory journey around the UK.”

He began to remind me of the things He said at the end of that assignment; that He has taken control over the nation, and that whatever transpires, we should rest assured that He is in control. After the assignment, He had also said to me, “I will take you to Buckingham Palace and there you’ll complete this task, for I have taken over the nation.” A few months later, I attended one the Queen’s garden parties at Buckingham Palace, and there, I proclaimed Psalm 45 over the nation, declaring that Christ will rule this land with the Church, His Bride.

Since then, even though we have continued to pray concerning Brexit, the focus of the Lord to us at ‘Quiver’ has been the Church. To pray and prepare her to rise up boldly and work. The Lord needs His Church to stand firm and to be prepared and ready to reach out to the nation again. (Haggai 2). Hence the 36 days of fasting and prayer we have undertaken throughout the year.

 Whenever I have felt panicky about the current situation with Brexit, I have been reminded that the Lord is in control and will have his way. I have a deep sense of peace, and the Lord has asked us to enter into rest and praise Him.  

The Lord directed us to 2 Chronicles 20. In the midst of a fierce threat of war from several nations, King Jehoshaphat declared to Judah and Jerusalem “Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets and you shall prosper.” Then he assigned worshippers to go before the army. They declared, “Praise the Lord, for His mercy endures forever.”

We, therefore, believe that this is not the time to panic but rather hold on to every prophetic word received regarding the UK, and stand firm and declare it. This is the time to believe that God answers prayer and He has heard and will answer and help us. This is the time to praise, worship and thank God and ask Him to glorify His name.

Indeed it’s not by might but by His Spirit. Who are you O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you will become a plain. And he shall bring forth the capstone with shouts of “Grace, grace to it!!!”Zechariah 4:6-7

As I prayed last night, I heard word: “The outcome of Brexit has already been determined in the courts of heaven.” We, therefore, believe that the counsel of God alone shall stand in regards to Brexit! No human being shall determine the outcome, God has already determined it.

After, praying last night, the Lord asked me to make a Prophetic Declaration over Britain. (I have an audio recording of this). After making the prophetic declaration, I had a vision of the Lord as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. I saw the Lion but He was with a Lioness. (This the first time I have seen the Lion with a Lioness). With this I had an assurance that the Lord, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is with His Bride, the true Church. Jesus Christ is with us in this battle for our nation. Victory belongs to Jesus.

 Let us do what King Jehoshaphat and Judah did, and stand firm on His word, promises and prophecies to our nation. Let us stand in faith and believe in the Lord’s ability to deliver. Let us have a confident assurance in our God and praise, worship and thank Him. Let us stand still and firm and see the salvation of our God. Psalm 46. Amen!


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