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Sep 5, 2013 | Kerry's Kolumn

It’s been a bit of a strange summer. While Mum and Dad were away in Major Car, (it must be a very big car to have a name like that!) Kelsey and I had no fewer than three new – well, we can’t call somebody who’s here for just a few days an owner, so what shall we call them – maestros? We found it pretty easy to adapt to them – I was so happy going off on walks with them that Dad called me ‘positively meretricious’ . Well, I’ve never heard of that word before, but it obviously means that I am full of merit and very merry, so I agree wholeheartedly.

The important thing is that they have come back full of just the right sort of attitude towards us – and we’ve shown them that we can run the house perfectly well without them. Dom was full of sporting activities, of course, while they were in Major Car. He’s been playing cricket all season and actually took three wickets in his first match for West Malvern First Team (adults!) Kesley and I are brilliant fielders along the boundary edge. We sprint along after the balls and can even catch them mid leap. We even drop them when we are asked to do so – how about that for obee-dee-ence?

Dad and Dom are keen table tennis players too (Dom’s the youngest puppy in the league). Kelsey loves table tennis too. Before we were banned from the shed at the end of the garden (can’t imagine why?) he used to time his leaps to perfection and bounce up above the rim of a big green flat thing I’ve heard called a table tennis table, just in time to snatch the ball. I think he’s an absolute natural at the sport. It seems like a great curtailing of natural prow-ess! Anyway, it’s been an energetic sort of day, so I highly recommend popping up onto the most comfortable chair around and having a rest now. Hope you can put your paws up too sometime today!

God bless. Wuf!


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