The Scent of Water

May 17, 2019 | INSIGHTS, Song Presentations

I wrote in the last edition that I had long wanted to write a song based on the verses from Job 14:7-9 about how the Lord loves to revive and restore the roots of a tree that has suffered loss, whether from God’s specific pruning or from some other form of setback.

The Lord gave me the ‘flourish’ theme that recurs in this piece many years ago immediately after my Granny, full of the Holy Spirit, passed into Heaven as she neared her ninetieth year. And now she has been joined by her son, John!

It was a great joy to incorporate that theme in this song. May the Scent of Water speak life into your heart, whatever you are going through.

The musicians you will hear in this recording are Harmony Greenwood, Nicola Gerrard, Thomas Herzog and Natalie Halliday, with Sally Prittie on piano.

Scent of Water (Job 14:7-9)

For a tree that’s been cut down, there is always hope,
at the scent of water, new shoots will soon spring up
and those shoots will never fail.
You have dreamed of doing great things, bringing God great glory:
best to leave those dreams before His throne.
He will show you what He wants for you;
He is thinking far ahead!
What you sow must fall into the ground,
it must even die – you must let it die.

If you have been laid low there is always hope.
Make the Lord your tower of refuge –
new shoots will grow
and these shoots will never fail.

Fall upon your bed and seek His face –
He will renew your mind.
Make a cell within your heart and turn to Him,
He will help you clear the air and put matters right;
He is seeking your very best.
Lift your eyes to Heaven now, let your spirit soar,
God has planned all your days in Him.

Marvel not at all He’s doing as you reach out to Him.
For He loves to bless the humble
He will refresh your heart,
His Spirit leads you onward.
May Yeshua bless you now, lift your spirit high,
Your new shoots will never fail.

Robert Weston 2018

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  1. maria redman

    Much love and blessings to you and your lovely family. Such moving photos of Ross’s Father and you all. He was so blessed by you all. A wonderful homecoming indeed. Xx

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