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Apr 27, 2013 | INSIGHTS, Team Talk

Turning to prayer

Turning information into prayer, and sight into insight

Every time Christians get together we share matters that are worthy of prayer. How much richer if we can go beyond holding this information in our heads by converting it into prayer. All of us can be ‘leaders’ in this respect!

There is no better habit to get into than bringing people to the point of prayer! This is so often the moment when ordinary times of fellowship become powerful encounters with the Lord. It is His job is to do as much as He likes with what we offer Him: it is our job to make the framework.

From time to time, the Lord may nudge us to offer to pray with ‘not yet’ Christians. This can be such a powerful way of helping them to experience the reality of the Lord’s love and working. More often than not, they will never forget the person who cared enough to pray for them – and it may well prove to be an important stage in their spiritual development as the Lord reaches down to bless them.

May the words ‘Let’s pray together’ be a watchword in our lives!



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