Reversing Maastricht and Lisbon – or into a dead end?

Mar 15, 2019 | Flashpoints, INSIGHTS, World Watch

I have been having problems with the brakes on my car. A mechanic assumed it needed nothing more than a new ABS Advanced Braking System sensor. I sensed it was more complex – and so it proved to be. How many people when they voted in the Referendum would have thought we would still be in our present impasse? Further on in this article we will be expressing a strong idea as to why this may have needed to occur.

Meantime we cannot but marvel at how Teresa May, is still standing at all, despite her intense dejection. I bumped into someone from church yesterday who told me that she had had a dream that she was sitting in a taxicab with Theresa May, who was terribly upset and crying. My friend reached over and placed her hand on her shoulder and prayed for her.

Linda Entwistle is among the many who have been spending a lot of time praying for her too. Back in June 2017 this is the prayer that Linda prayed for Theresa. It seems more relevant now than ever! Click here to join in her insightful prayer.

For more on the complexities involved in getting out of European treaties click here.

Of the millions who voted for ‘Leave’ many did so out a passionate conviction that we should never have committed ourselves as fully as we did to the European cause as embodied in the treaties of Maastricht and Lisbon. But leaving is proving to be far more complex than simply replacing one set of treaties and obligations with another.

Click here for a prophetic message about the significant role that Ireland could play in the coming months. If this word is right, it would certainly give an entirely different take on why an extension to Article 50 might prove both strategic and timely, rather than (as many commentators are inclined to see it) just another example of kicking a by-now-very-battered-can still further down the road. Read her insights here.


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