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Sep 5, 2023 | INSIGHTS

Isn’t it amazing that we draw heavily for our wisdom today from maxims and proverbs in the Bible on that date back to what historians refer to as the Bronze Age? God has long been revealing Himself, and wants us to draw ever more deeply from these pure sources.*

I love to settle down from time to time and to read compilations of quotations, ancient and modern. So too did Winston Churchill, who wrote that, ‘Quotes, when engraved upon the memory give you good thoughts. They also make you anxious to read the authors and to look for more.’

I am delighted, therefore, to remind you of a website that makes huge numbers of quotes available online, arranged by author. Although by no means a dedicated Christian site, all you have to do to explore this immense library of gems is to search for ‘AZ quotes’ and then the name of some favourite and influential author you would particularly like to explore in more detail.

For example, you might like to start with Martin Luther
Or Billy Graham
Or Corrie Ten Boom
Or Amy Carmichael
Or Richard Wurmbrand
Or Martin Luther King
Or John Wesley or . . . or . . . to find the wisdom of dozens if not hundreds of other anointed men and women of God available for the asking.

Why not set time aside from time to time to experiment, and to explore this hugely interesting resource? Be imaginative in checking out which authors are featured, and making the most of their wisdom!

Catholics of course can choose from a multitude of authors, including Catherine of Siena, Therese of Lisieux, John of the Cross, and Teresa of Avila amongst many many many others. Some of you may remember that I previously wrote an introduction to this whole topic of quotations in an article about Bishop Francis de Sales.

Just a word of caution. I strongly suspect that most of these quotes have been garnered and generated by AI. As a result, I have noticed occasional anachronistic quotes sneaking in along similar lines, that were not actually said or written by the author in question. As ever, wisdom lies in double checking quotes you come across to check out their provenance before passing them on.

*The Hebrew word for proverb is ‘mashal’ in Hebrew, but the word means more than its English counterpart.

Photo by Tom Hermans on Unsplash


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