Prayer in Times of Turbulence: The “Route of Death”

Aug 28, 2015 | Flashpoints

Lord, be gracious to us;
we long for you.
Be our strength every morning,
our salvation in time of distress.
(Isaiah 33:2)

With huge political convolutions taking place in Lebanon and spilling over onto the streets threatening the stability of that small nation, which itself has absorbed well over one million refugees from Syria; continually troubling signs in Russia, the attempt to establish a lasting truce on September 1st in time for the new school term in eastern Ukraine, more wanton violence from ISIL, concerns of corruption and unrest in so many countries, (for instance Nigeria and Guatemala), peace is certainly in short supply in many parts of the Earth. (Rev 6:4)

May the Lord lead us strategically in prayer for His power to be at work in so many of the dark places of the world – not least what is now being known as the “Route of Death,” by which refugees are making the costly and hazardous trip across the Mediterranean to Europe from Libya.

It’s a far from perfect analogy, but God blessed the nations which allowed free passage to the Israelites en route from Egypt to the Promised Land. Pray for Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Serbia and refugee reluctant Hungary as they permit this great surge of destitute refugees to pass through their midst. But let’s also remember the many who have not been successful in finding the means to make the crossing, and who are languishing in detention centres in ibya and elsewhere. Poland and Slovakia, I believe, are taking a stand to prioritise Christian refugees over Muslim ones.

Death Route Migrants

See also this link from the New York Times, which graphically shows the Flight of People around the world.

Let’s hold all these countries that we have featured in prayer, by no means forgetting Syria itself, from which roughly half the population have now fled.

Brian Mills, a senior intercessor, writes:

Despite a lot of reconciliation having taken place in relation to the two world wars – in Europe and Asia – the possibility of conflict in Europe looms again, with Russia encroaching on the territory and interests of other European nations – and not just Ukraine. The Balkan region is again being infiltrated significantly by Muslims seeking to exert their influence. Some of us are drawing parallels with the period just before the two World Wars. The scenarios are remarkably similar. Multiple conflicts and civil wars happening in a number of different regions of the world; what is seen as weak leadership in the “free world”; global economic uncertainty; armies depleted and ill-prepared for major conflict; Islamic terrorism in multiple nations; threats against Israel and Jews around the world; increasing persecution of Christians. And yet, despite this, hope and expectation of a coming revival!

What should we be doing? Watching the signs and praying for the Lord to intervene. We can all do that . . . and pray for the Lord to hold back and nullify the forces of darkness at work in our time, and to shed His light in unprecedented ways through a global revival.

You might find this lament a powerful starting point for prayer.

The following articles provides important background information to life inside Iraq.
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Perhaps you would find it helpful to begin in prayer by focusing on one refugee or person who you have seen on television or read about. Bring that person them before the Lord as a representative of all who are either fleeing, settling or suffering.

Lord, Jesus, You who are the same yesterday today and forever, stretch out Your hand to be the strength and defence of all who are calling out to you in their distress (Jer. 16:9) Renew their strength and vigour and determination, and open a way forward for all who are calling on your name.

Stay close to this dear one, Lord Jesus, and all who love them. Extend Your blessing to all within their sphere at this time of great intensity: their parents, partner, offspring, Church and natural family, and all they walk most closely with.

We bring each of the countries too that they are leaving behind before Your throne: the ones we have mentioned above and others that the Spirit of the Lord leads us to now. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

See also this brief testimony by Sabine Wurmbrand, Richard Wurmbrand’s wife.


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